Renewing is an ongoing thing

I’m still thinking about the whole issue of Static as opposed to dynamic or even kinetic theology. Static theology is a set of propositions and principles which provide the scaffolding framework for our faith. But the faith once delivered to the Saints needs to be continuously applied to me by the power of the Holy Spirit or it becomes merely a more effective way of enabling me to live religiously.

I love these words of Bill Johnson, “We were not designed to live in reaction to the devil but in response to God.” That means we should not be principally formed by the opposition we face, but by the one who surrounds us, indwells us and empowers us. Of course, if all this is true, then the number of Christians in the UK is more than enough to see a radical transformation of our society, of our regions, cities, towns and villages. The town in which I live is crying out for radical transformation. But that will never be achieved unless the Body of Christ is transformed. That of course depends upon its members being transformed.

The most famous passage of scripture referring to this kind of transformation is in Romans 12:2, ‘Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your minds.’ Here it is again in the present continuous tense, a verb is put before us that is not about something we have done in the past or about a task that is being completed. This is not about renewal as such. It is about a process, an ongoing process of being in a state of renewing of the mind. This is only going to be achieved as we learn to think in the way that God has trained us to think. It is not just about thinking biblically – that’s good because the Bible is vital, Jesus is the Truth and the Bible is the Truth about the Truth. But in order for us to be able to understand the Truth of the scriptures as a dynamic and life-changing power, the Holy Spirit of God who inspired the scriptures must be the one who interprets and applies the scriptures to us. That means we can’t think that just because we’ve read the Bible once or twice we know it all or just because we think we’ve got our doctrines sorted, we now think biblically. That will never lead to a transformed life. It will merely lead to a more religious one.

What God is looking for is lives that are being transformed on a momentary basis, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, by a conscious and unconscious encounter with the Holy Spirit of God renewing our thinking processes so that we think and react in every situation in the way in which Jesus would do it. Only then can we prove the good, acceptable and perfect will of God. If we, as a community can come to the point where God’s will is being demonstrated and proved to the world around us, we will see remarkable healings including healing of the dreaded ‘C’ – cancer. Because God is bigger than cancer, there is no cancer in Heaven and when we pray, ‘Let your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven’, we are praying literally for the conditions of Heaven to be conditions of earth – and why not!

This is the Good News for which Jesus laid down his life at such cost and it’s certainly something that excites me.